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Father - Saverin

Mother - Galadriel

S* Kringlans Savarin, NFO ns 09

Date of Birth: 2006-06-07

Colour: Black smoke with white

Father: GIC. La ForÍt's Figaro, NFO d 09 23
EC S*Sir Maxwell's Eina, NFO ns 09 22


 Galadriel Tierra Media *ES, NFO n 09 22

Date of Birth: 2005-08-27
Colour: Black tabby blotched with White
Father: Durin Tierra Media *ES, NFO n 09 22
Mother: DK* Anfi's Ursula Buffay, NFO n 23


Look how big they grow - and they don't stop growing until approx 5 years!

Photos below - top is Saverin at just six months old
and below is Galadriel - at just over eighteen months

All photos courtesy and copyright of Roque and Laura of Set Vides